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Contact lens technology has evolved significantly and the lenses available now are worlds away from their predecessors in terms of comfort,1 vision, prescription range,2 health benefits and affordability.

If you stopped wearing contact lenses in the past, it might be time to take another look.

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Did you stop wearing contact lenses because…

You didn’t find them comfortable
The technology behind contact lenses is ever evolving. There are new materials and designs which are healthier, and more comfortable than ever before.1 Whether initial or end-of-day comfort issues, the newer advanced contact lenses may provide the answer you are looking for.1
You struggled with using them
Contact lens materials and designs have an impact on how easy it is to apply and remove them from the eye.3 If you have struggled in the past with contact lens handling, speak to your eye care practitioner who will recommend alternative options to aid your success.
You found your eyes had started to get red or tired
Eye redness and tiredness may be related to dryness and/or digital device fatigue.3, 4 Some contact lenses use technologies such as Aquaform® Technology to retain moisture to help minimise eye dryness5. Clever lens designs such as Digital Zone Optics helps reduce the feeling of eye tiredness.4 If you have had these concerns in the past, why not give the newer contact lenses a try.
Your reason for needing them changed
Contact lens availability and choice enables many options for many people.6 There are contact lenses available now whether your vision correction needs are for near, far or a mixture of both. Changing between reusable and one-day lenses or adjusting the amount or frequency of lenses that you receive are all options to tailor to your requirements.
They were no longer in budget
There are lots of contact lenses available to suit all kinds of lifestyles, wearing patterns and budgets.7 Speak to your eye care practitioner about the choices available to find an affordable solution.
Your prescription changed and was no longer available in contact lenses
Contact lens options for prescriptions have changed. The CooperVision contact lens range now offers vision correction for 99.96% of optical practice patients.6

There's a time for glasses and a time for contact lenses.

More than
dual wearers feel that having the option of both forms of vision correction gives them the ‘best of both worlds’.8

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